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When the fire extinguishing system accidentally goes off in the black hawk hangar.
it kinda looks like clouds does it not?
61 6,525
Goes off ?
How fast does that happen
You had one job carl
That foam fills hangers fast. you better run when the alarm sounds
I thought it was by sand storm...
Can i like...just hide in that and be in my own magic cloud castle?
More like a flood
Looks like cancer
Why did u use tgen waste water?
Indoor swimming pools assaholes
(ask for money 345,76.0.00 jpy. ) - (account no. 129 - 0 - 55406 - 4.) - (account name kritsakorn priknoi.) - (krungthai bank) - (share) (อิสลามซิกข์ฮินดูใหญ่สวรรค) ์- (พุทธฮินดูใหญ่โลก) - (คริสต์ฮินดูยูดาห์ใหญ่นรก) - (แชร์)
Look like the hangar sits right a height of 127
What class? im adsuming your using the foam to supress the fuel right? if you are good f****n luck getting it out l**o
Kinda looks like december 1st
Are the helicopters gonna be okay
Na that's carl trying to make a bubble bath party
Thick fog today
Afff. y’all should see it in action on the flight deck
That’s. good pic... we had the saltwater fire sprinklers go off on the flight deck of a carrier once right before flight ops started... all the planes in the bow got poured on
Tell that to your boss

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