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Amidst life’s fragility, we dance in the clouds. after 4 months in mexico, my phone being stolen, getting parasites, and so much more...i traveled to teotihuacan on my last full day in the country. extremely grateful 🇲🇽 this moment, this photo, & the entire country of mexico will hold a very special place in my heart for the rest of my life. hasta la huego, te amo 🥰 when i go back, who’s coming with me?
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I love you with all my heart 💖
Just wanna thank you for sharing all of your magic and journeys with us 💛 you're truly an inspirational being, sending you so much love
Mexico is on my dream travel list ❤️
I love that even after all that happened you still said “when i go back” not “if i go back... and count me in! 💚
Hey organising a protest agaings the fires in the amazon this weel to adress al natnions involved not just the brazilian goverment could u post the event on ur page and ask any one willing to do the same in there own cities and contries let every one know its for the australian counterpart in syd. please brother this dirent even make the news her. pm me ill send u the screen shot tell people to add my page vanessa sequeira on facebook so i may add them to the event. thanx for the wonderfull love ur page all ways sends out. have fun in mexico :) sick shot
God dang, those eyes though
I wanna join a mexico trip! 😊
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Hola ojos bonitos! 👋🙏
Dudeeeee sameee! right when i reached that tip top moment, i never left tbh
Hasta luego *
I’m comin with you
Omg 😯 4 months in mexico? i didn't know, i would have liked to see you 💙
When you return to mexico, i give you a tour of mexico, and of course safely. i'm sorry about your phone 😪😔. saludos y excelente luna.
Me encanta a mexico!

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