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Here i am holding a pumpkin weighing around 20lbs, a 5lbs lump of f*t and a pumpkin weighing 2lbs🎃 i am so overwhelmed to say that the weight i have in my arms, is only around half of what i have lost in total since october 2018✨
struggling to hold all this in my arms, i cannot believe i used to carry around twice this amount every day😭 it isn’t until you physically see it or hold it again, that you fully appreciate what an achievement weight loss is😅
the girl that carried around double this amount of weight was shy, unhappy, hated how she looked and was gradually retreating into herself... but i think my smile says it all here🤣🙌🏼💁🏼‍♀️
if you’re feeling unmotivated or like you’re not fully committing to the plan, take a look at the amount of weight you’ve lost and find an object that represents that weight. you’ll soon realise how far you’ve come and how proud you should be🥰
p.s. i work for a charity and we grow our own pumpkins to hold a pumpkin patch each october, we have over 7,000 pumpkins in a field at the moment if you were wondering where i got pumpkins from🤣
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Brilliant way to realise how far you’ve come and you’re right the smile says it all. well done hon
@sw_gin_queen have you seen this? motivation 👍
This is amazing and very motivating! well done, you look great.☺️
Brilliant. no chance being my mentor? i live in australia and slimming world aren't coming here😢 i need help. ❤️
@nikinoodles87 @lisacollins91 i lost this and more! makes you think doesn’t it!
Well done 👍
What a brilliant analogy! so often we think our weight loss is slow at maybe a lb a week or less in my case but it literally all adds up. thanks for sharing jade. 😊
Omg 👌 well done 👌
Wow congratulations 👏
Love this 👏🏻👌🏻
Not the pumpkin patch in sompting by any chance!? well done you have done and look amazing 🎃 xx
Amazing! well done. you look awesome! i am just starting my slimming world journey. you are an inspiration!
Wow well done b**e x
Hey lovely! just wondering if you’ve ever heard about arbonne? dm if you’re interested or want some info - the 30 day programme to healthy living starts soon! join me 💛
Wow 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Wow!!!!! ❤️🔥😍

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