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Please come to boston
Come to houston
I’m suddenly starving! but i’ll have to survive on fruit, key lime yogurt and coconut water!
Y’all the song is “need me by j.i.” ; you’re welcome 🤗
Come to charlotte nc💪
I promise if you do a pop up in minnesota you’ll make a killing
🔥🔥would you like 🔥🔥to get a cartoon portrait, 💯💯logos 💮.cover art and animated video done for 🔥yourself or for your love one's💯💯
Come to houston please🙌
Post song
Have you ever came to baltimore geesshhh
When you coming viet nam😢😢
Where can we get a plate like this ? @dniccs
Where at in nyc i need some good food 🤗😋 @streetcornerkitchen
Looks sooo good! @wpa_dre
Nahh im bouta pull up wya
A whole a*s meal that imma need to get the f**k asap 🙏🏼

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