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Where i’m at today
Perfect! 😍
Yess #222 growth sometimes when i really feel like im helping and doing the right thing i end up hurting instead of helping.
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So when will they start taking accountability for their actions? everything is the result of cause and effect. period.
True. sometimes you won't know you've hurt someone unless that person tells you. it's never intentionalπŸ’™
Love it,perfectly worded,great share.
Love this,perfectly worded,great share.
Hello my name is adrian palmore from st petersburg, florida. the name of my podcast is titled “conscious gems”. i speak specifically on the issues on my podcast that arise in our generation and in black community from depression, to social and self acceptance and raising awareness on the magnitude on mental health entirely. this is to shape the perspective of the narrative on mental health. my podcast is also available on several platforms like youtube, @spotify, google podcast, breaker, pocket casts, radiopublic and stitcher. “i’m inspired to inspire.”
#truth in order to evolve and grow we have to acknowledge and accept that at some point in our lives we’ve been the toxicity.
Or wreck yourself and learn🀷🏾‍♀️
Damn such a powerful reminder ❀️
Continuous improvement is the name of the game! <3
True shitπŸ’―
True 🌸
Toxic people owning up to their toxicity😢when did this start happening

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