Makani’s Magic Pineapple Shack
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Organic acai bowl with local fruits & nuts, topped with house made all fruit dragonfruit soft serve?? duh 🤤
you can still #treatyoself any way you want here at makani’s🤗
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@ckramer13 go get one for me
@ckramer13 go get one for me
Воо очень хочу
@lupelovesfrankie_07 you know where this reminds me of 😂😘👯‍♀️
Need this in my life 😍
I feel like i need to book a flight just to try this!
Where are you located? i need you on my life! lol
Perfect! if you want contact me for best meal plans and training plans 💪
Where is this at
@sactownsheiky i can’t believe we missed this place 😭

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