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Top triple today at 771lbs! think i could've pulled this for 5 honestly. beltless warm up at 705lbs. today is a huge win. haven't pulled sumo in a long long while and haven't pulled this heavy in a while either! @ironrebel @kingofthelifts #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #weightlifting #lifting #fitness #strengthtraining #back #backworkout #backday #deadlifts #deadlift #gym #gymmotivation @gonzosbarbell
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Perfect to represent us! link is in the bio to become a hustleco athlete for a collab!
Fuck yea!!! watching your s**t makes me want to lift better and heavier every day!
Lookin sexy in those joggers ❤️
Stunning beauty ❤️❤️ hey friend i just saw your ig pic you have amazing content please send us your picture 📩 for promotion on big pages
Savage 🙌🏽💯
Those joggers are tight because they are actually mine 😈
Definitely could have done 5 💪🏼😱
Fuck yeah man keep it up
That is strong 😳
So strong mate!! well done 👍💪🏽
Power 💪💪
Good work video!! great power!!

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