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🔶15 ottobre 2019🔶

@italia_dev premia il meraviglioso scatto di:
🏆artist: @elle_erre_475
location: italy puglia
congratulazioni vivissime 🏆
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When we arrived to shoot a new short film and downhill on a busy mountain pass, which is part of the federal highway, with a dense stream of oncoming and passing cars, we can’t do without serious preparation.
this year we took 5 long-range walkie-talkies so that the rider and our followcar clearly understood the situation at the top and bottom of the road.
the bunch of oncoming and passing cars, the speed of trucks and fuel trucks - all this information was broadcast in real time to the rider’s headphone.
based on these info, we should have built our descent, flying down on a longboard 🔥

Когда приезжаешь снимать небольшое кинцо и катать даунхилл на оживленный горный перевал, являющийся частью федерального тракта, и с плотным потоком встречных и попутных машин, то без серьёзной подготовки никак не обойтись.
В этом году, вновь поехав покорять Чике -Таман, мы взяли 5 дальнобойных раций, чтобы райдер и следующая за ним тачка чётко понимали обстановку наверху и внизу дороги. Количество встречных машин, количество попутных, скорость грузовиков и бензовозов — вся эта информация в режиме реального времени транслировалась в наушник спускающегося райдера. Исходя из этих данных и следовало строить свой маршрут, летя вниз на лонгборде.

ph: @zorych_photo
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,,you need to be cold to be a queen“ ~blair waldorf🥀🌚

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Perfect match. mother and son duo pattharapol (aka peepy) and lee puengboonpra (@peepy_and_mother_lee ) love dressing up. “it is a way that we can relax, express our creativity, mix and match items that we love,” says peepy. “when it comes to taste, we share ideas. then, we mix and match our different preferences, so that the outfit looks balanced and perfect.”⁣

#thisweekoninstagram show us how you express yourself through the things you love. ❤️⁣

please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #thisweekoninstagram hashtag. any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured.⁣

photos by @peepy_and_mother_lee
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“music has definitely taught me to embrace my feelings and personality because that’s what makes me unique,” says zimbabwe-born australian hip-hop artist tkay maidza (@tkaymaidza ).⁣⁣⁣
whether she’s rapping to raucous dance floors or posting her latest fashion looks, tkay constantly finds new ways to express herself and get into what she ❤️s. ⁣

“i just want to open people’s minds to new sounds and concepts and show that it’s ok to be yourself — even if you’re still finding out who that is.” get into what you ❤️⁣⁣⁣
photo by @tkaymaidza
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“i think a good cosplay is capturing the ‘soul’ of the character,” says cosplayer and ux designer hikarin (@__hikarin ), who created her character and alter ego “kai” last year. “whether or not you portray yourself as male or female you are still you. i want to show everyone that you really can be whatever you want, and i hope to inspire those who are struggling with that,” she says.⁣

#thisweekoninstagram show us how you express yourself through the things you love. ❤️⁣

please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #thisweekoninstagram hashtag. any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured.⁣

photo by @after.7
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#hellofrom the golden bridge in da nang, vietnam 🙌⁣

photo by @_deepsky⁣
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“my mission is to celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures within the african diaspora,” says artist adeyemi adegbesan (@yung.yemi ), who designed a face filter for afropunk (@afropunk ) this year.⁣

“going all the way back to my childhood, my own personal journey of trying to find out more about my nigerian heritage has always been a source of inspiration for me and that just spread to an interest in other african cultures and histories, and wanting to know more about black culture around the world,” says adeyemi, who lives in canada. “when you look at my work, it’s kind of like a synthesis of all of the things that i’m learning and being inspired by.” #shareblackstories⁣

check out @design to learn more about adeyemi’s art and see more stories about design from around the world.⁣

photos by @yung.yemi
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Today on igtv, we’re on the set with chance the rapper (@chancetherapper ) at the making of the music video for his song “we go high.”⁣⁣
spend time with chance in his native chicago and learn more about this song that includes, in his words, “the best verse i’ve ever written.” ✨
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We’re in chi-town with chance the rapper (@chancetherapper ), behind the scenes of the music video for his song “we go high.”
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Peekaboo. meet bailey (@birdyandbailey ), today’s #weeklyfluff.⁣⁣
video by @birdyandbailey
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Meet sinéad burke (@thesineadburke ). sinéad has achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism, and is using her disability to shine light on the need for more inclusivity in the world of fashion. ⁣
👢✨👜 ⁣
“i constantly ask the question, ‘who’s not in the room?’ and then my work is to make sure that i can answer that question and bring those people into the room, because i think that’s how we gain true progress,” says sinéad. “i look at my role as an advocate for amplifying different types of voices.” 💕 ⁣
⁣for national bullying prevention month, we partnered with teen vogue (@teenvogue ) to share the stories of amazing #advocates who are taking a stand against bullying and making a positive global impact. learn more about sinéad on igtv right now. ⁣

photo of @thesineadburke by @leofaria
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Sinéad burke is on a mission to make the fashion world more inclusive. “i think often we underestimate how much we matter, both to the people around us and to the world,” says sinéad. “the world would not be the same without us. there would be a void, be it big or small. and i think often, we don't think we have an impact. but each of us really, truly does.”⁣ ⁣
in honor of national bullying prevention month, we’ve partnered with @teenvogue to share stories of #advocates who are taking a stand against bullying and sparking positive global change. ✨ learn more about sinéad on igtv now.
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Sérgio odeith’s (@odeith ) murals uniquely inhabit the urban environments where he creates art. “since i was really young, i was always fascinated with realistic paintings,” says sérgio, who started as a graffiti artist, then changed up his style. “my work is all about light shadows and a correct perspective.”⁣⁣
photo by @odeith
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