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3.camaro 2. mustang 1. charger
Torino cobra r, olds 442 hurst and chevelle copo
1970chevvelle ss 1970 charger. 1970 nova ss
Funny how other people do this and everyone loves it but when i do it in my cobra everyone talks mad s**t saying there gonna k**l me and beat my a*s
Oh that’s easy , 5.0 , shelby , cobrajet
Thanks @susan_alice247 i’ve gotten my profits it wasn’t easy with all the account managers that scammed me but thank god for revealing you to me @susan_alice247 you’re the best. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
1969 dodge charger, 2018 dodge demon and any dodge hellcat (charger)
Mustang, challenger, charger.
‘69 boss 302, dodge demon and ‘13 zl1 and many many more
1967 shelby 1987 camaro ss and 1968 cuda
69impala 69 charger 65 mustang
Mustang doge bumblebee
My v6 does this lol doesn't sound as cool but it's fun 🔥

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