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“it’s not a great feeling to feel helpless, so that’s why i stand up for people who do,” says professional ballet soloist harper watters. “the bully has been and probably will continue to be my biggest hurdle. but i’m a dancer, honey, so i’m gonna jump over.”⁣

in honor of national bullying prevention month, we’ve partnered with @teenvogue to share stories of #advocates who are taking a stand against bullying and sparking positive global change. ✨learn more about harper on igtv now.⁣
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No one asked if you were part of the lgbt+ community. please keep it to yourself because no one asked.
No body actually asked if u supported the lgbtq community. i don’t understand why all of the g*y stuff is necessary to post?!
Authentic, well done
Vous êtes vraiment cette étoile lumineuse.....quelle grâce! et trés beau avec çà.
What a body - stunning 😍😍
Quel beau!