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“i would tell aspiring #founders not to wait for circumstances to appear perfect to start building your dream,” says blair hansen. with husband eli, the couple founded the glassware company asp & hand (@aspandhand ) in 2017. “time’s a-wasting — the world needs what you’re passionate about.” watch our limited series #founders to discover small businesses from all over the world. a new episode will be available every saturday until christmas.
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@_monaelfayed_ محتاج ردك و محتاج كلامك لو سمحت ردي علي رسالتي
Lindo maravilhosa
Que trabajo hermoso!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏
Good mourning your glass ware is very appealing to the eye! i invite you and your family to and to search out the answers to life modt important questions its spiritual and rewarding with blessings , sincerely ms mm white
Soo creative💕🔥

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