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#doyoufollow 19-year-old professional skateboarder poppy starr olsen (@poppystarr )? she has been fearlessly conquering skate ramps, training for elite 🛹 competitions and, most importantly, having fun on four wheels since the age of 8. ⁣

check out some other superstars of the #skatergirl community on today’s story, and spend a day at the skate park with @poppystarr on today’s episode of #doyoufollow, our series which dives deep into some of instagram’s most popular interests and the people who make them awesome. 💛⁣

click on the link in our bio for the “the a-z of instagram,” highlighting some of the top instagram trends, plus emerging creators and interests in australia right now. (spoiler alert: poppy is in the mix.)⁣

video by @poppystarr
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O cara e fera
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