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After batsheva hay quit her job as a lawyer seven years ago, her fashion shifted. “all i was wearing was vintage clothing, and i would go into department stores and i just couldn’t find anything new that i liked that was as much fun to me as the vintage clothing,” she says. so she started making her own vintage-inspired clothes, and then in 2016 she started a dress company, batsheva (@batshevadress ), where she takes elements from other eras — from victorian to pioneer to hippie — and gives them a modern twist.⁣

to find out more about batsheva and her dresses, head over to @shop – the account where you can discover and shop from up-and-coming designers. ❤️🌟⁣ ⁣

photo by @alexeihay
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Cherry winds 👏.
Всё конечно очень красиво,но зачем по скамейкам-то ходить,а???
J'adore la photo
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Нормальная, такая - подстава
😍woowwww she looking soo much beautiful just like a angel
Hi my friend how are u doing u are really beautiful
👍🏻samantha note! you have much in common! 🤗
You chose wise your beautiful. keep going

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