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Lolo zouaï (@lolozouai ) writes heartfelt music that embraces the highs and the lows. “i talk about feeling disconnected from my dad’s algerian roots, and i think a lot of people have related to that,” says the artist, who grew up in san francisco. “my music is just about feeling what you’re feeling and acknowledging it.”⁣

when lolo’s breakout track “high highs to low lows” went viral, a global community sprang up around the artist. “it’s not a superficial community, it’s real feelings and real stories,” says the 24-year-old. “i value it.” 💞⁣

this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡️⁣

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