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Juliana horner (@vesperucca ) is not your average earth-dwelling creative and makeup artist. “i like creating things that invoke the nostalgia of a different planet — bending themes and images and my face and words to touch on something you may have seen in a dream,” says juliana, who owns the cosmetics company @claropsyche where she shares her passion for saturated tones with collections that sell out fast.⁣

her looks have inspired a cult-like following in the #mua community, but when she’s offline she prefers to stay incognito. “i used to wear my looks out more, but now i don’t as much,” she says. “i don’t want to have a conversation about my face. but online, i’ll happily do it all day!” 👩🏼‍🎤⁣

this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡️⁣

photo by @vesperucca
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جمييل جداً 😍
Love this very different and very colorful excellent artist
Love the picture!!
@the chainsmokers 🔥🔥😍😀😄🎶
@dior i dare you to sear his van gogh.

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