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This is the vaquita. a small endangered porpoise in which there are only 30 left in the world! tag 3 friends to spread awareness for this adorable creature !#savethevaquitaday 🐬❀️
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Awwwww deformed dolphins r cute!!!!
These live around the northern gulf of california
The maui dolphin lives in the west coast of the north island of new zealand with only around 60 individuals
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Never take out of the water!
@dolphins_daily please follow sea shepherd conservation society to learn more about the vaquita campaign and while you're at it , watch #thecove @dolphin_project
Please go and educate yourself
Hi, my name is bubbles! 🐬 yes, i'm a dolphin, no big deal πŸ˜†. check out my new and first ever account and learn about marine life through my perspective. will be posting about my crazy ocean adventures in the future, do not miss out! hint, hint.
Please lets do what we can to save them.🌊🌎🐬...i dont want our future generations too only see them in books πŸ“š like other species that are extinc due to humans and their greed and not caring what happens to this planet just so they can make moneyπŸ’°
So cool 🐠🐠🐠
Whooooa i guess i've never seen a baby cetacean before
@kschroeds19 baby a*s dolphin for a baby a*s n***a πŸ’€ @champagnesunny23 @dannis_singh
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@marteorbeck den var søt, det var derfor jeg tagga der
Hva betyr det?
Post more plz
I thought this was daily smh
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