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Hey bay area and beyond. this is one lineage that has evaded me and i’ve yet to get solid info. what i have been told is it’s romulan x urkle x c99. i’ve seen mendo purps x killer queen.
who knows? where’s the breeder at? who gets credit. surely @leafly needs to change their write up, cause that’s as far as from the truth as me saying i made gsc. 👍🏼👍🏼
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@ancient.roots420 its that whole victims mentality. he ain't gonna have a good life by whining all the d**n time
@420entourage i more believe the rom x urkle x c99 from her growth characteristics but for sure pink champagne, krypto, wow or pow, and raspberry kush = same strain
Bought about 4oz of it 2 yrs ago, got some killer hat appeal and had amber hairs on it. was lucky enough to take time to savor and found about 7 seeds that are tiger striped
@dungeons_vault_genetics this was the best part of this thread! i can't stop laughing at this..you sir are awsome!
@azmjhomeboy i just got to try this strain and it was killer! tatse was killer on it
Is the raz, same as raspberry kush? @sensationalsolutions
Maybe @phylosbio can test a clone?
@ancient_tech_cultivation no that razz i had too. it’s more sativa than the ken estes raspberry kush.
@ancient_tech_cultivation razz also had more haze linger on exhale
@cristocastrian seedfinder is worse than leafly may as well ask a homeless guy
@kevinmahmalji i have no clue. i heard pretty much the same things.
Got this in southeast mass
Leafly is almost always wrong
I'm only 99.9% positive but pink champagne is c99 crossed with pink p*****s
Isnt pink champagne another name for wedding cake though?
@dungeons_vault_genetics what is in ken dawg? i have 2 phenome i have had since 2014.
@str8flame leafly is constantly doing s**t like that. f**k that hype company
@str8flame that’s for seo results
@badunkadunknugs_ i need the snips seeds plant bud wax oil and edible of anything phantom 👻👆🏿pu! phantomup!!
@ancient.roots420 what do i do? i’m glad you asked. i use to pave roads, in new york’s metropolitan area (queens, brooklyn, long island, manhattan, etc). now i do nothing, i was involved in a accident at work (december 8,2016) that left me broken, and disfigured. i try to walk, with the aid of a cane. asphalt can reach well over 300 degrees fahrenheit, and one day 20 tons of 300 degrees fahrenheit asphalt blew open the entire back tail-gate of a “mack super liner dump truck” which trap and buried me up to my thighs, burning alive for nearly 10 minutes before my colleagues dug me out with shovels. the mental, and physical aftermath has left me a broken man. i lost everything on the count of a normal day, doing my job. i’m only 26, i had everything, now i have nothing. and i do nothing.
not a day goes by where i wish i could work, go back to my old life of working hard, and making something out of nothing. everyone complains about what they already have, it makes no sense..
@ohmy_thebeardedguy victims mentality, you might be right.
That @naturaldabs__ pink champagne hash a while back was so fire!
@nickolaaaaaaaa i don't know what to tell you besides you need mental help and that is not a joke
@ancient.roots420 lol you’re an idiot ancient dirt.
On everything, my homegirl and i named it wow kush as she was the first to grow in the bay area. garden of eden dispensary called it raspberry kush. this was brought to her by a man now doing federal time. there is a book written about him. i don’t believe ken estes had anything to do with the genetics
Pink champagne, the wow, kryptonite, raspberry kush ive seen are all the same. but oddly enough the mac caps cut has hints of the same nose.
@mrspliffofcannabis raspberry kush came from federation seeds out of markemerys seed catalog
I have a clone and it was used in the pink pineapple champagne i made @dungeons_vault_genetics
@sensationalsolutions looks like we had the same idea great minds think alike!
@sensationalsolutions pink champagne is very unique & very rich!
@lostrivervalleyfarm my version is actually (pineapple diesel)x pink champagne durban skunk
Ken said he received it as bag seed from gsc, but was unsure of the true lineage so called it phantom cookies. i have never hear him say he bred it . that was the story when it first came out anyway
I remember a strain from the 90s called champagne that was the truth. think its unrelated tho, but sure wish i could get that back...
@drohammad that is one of my personal favourites. the 90’s champagne is a specific phenotype if super silver haze. you can find it in feminized seeds from upper canada seed bank. there is also cuts around the calgary alberta area from that haven’t left the garden lineup in nearly 2 decades.
@lepticyzer thats whats up! didnt know that was some ssh, didnt have that hazeyness im used to.
@drohammad you bet! it was a quick yielding pheno too at max 56 days, super tight very small buds, red hairs galore. quite opposite of the catpiss pheno that also kicks around up here. both lovely plants. the instability of ssh is both a blessing and a curse!