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@btssydneymorales girl you late to the game lol i saw that about a month and a half ago
@lasergunkelsey i'm soo late but crushed 😑
Be strong @jaclynhill we will always stand by you
Sorry b**e ❤️ love you all the way but
Stay strong girl!
He’s already posting videos w a downgrade. looks like you dodged a bullet, jaclyn! sending you good vibes 💕
Wait what. omg jaclynnnn 😘😘
Prayers for both you, and jon, through this tough time! love you, girl! ❤️❤️❤️ @jaclynhill
R u still going to remain jaclyn hill since you have build up a brand with hill as your last name but now that you and jon broke up will that remain or change?
I’ve lost all hope in the future 😫😫😫😫😫
Do what u guys have to do to be happy ❤
Stay strong, all my prayers go to you❤️ love you sm
Jaclyn stay strong we all love you @jaclynhill ❤️
😭i was married for 20 years and it’s the hardest thing to do... wish you lots of love, strength and happiness may the journey open your soul and guide you to happiness
Wow, when they were dirt poor, love endured. it just goes to show you...money doesn't buy happiness. so sad. i wish each of them a bright, happy, healthy future.
P.s. always team jaclyn but wish it was still j+j
@heyy_itsjenna where l**o i wanna see
Stay strong jaclyn, we love and support you💗
Jaclyn please help me and tell me how you did it....
What are you and jon doing about the dogs?
Hey @jaclynhill i just watch your announcement video on youtube and i know that everything happens for a reason and i’m happy that even though this part of your life is ending, you have found some solstice in this bittersweet time. i wish you and john and the best and stay strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@20021hannah she mentioned on twitter that she will keep hill as her surname :)
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My heart goes out for you. you will get through this, and i can’t imagine how horrible this must be feeling, it is honestly one of my worst nightmares...but there’s always something better waiting for you, and for whatever crazy reason this is happening, it had to happen. stay strong ❤️
Hi jaclyn, i just saw your video. 4 months ago my boyfriend and i broke up after a 12 yesrs relationships. it has been the toughest decision of my life. i met a guy 2 months ago and he made me feel so happy. but 2 weeks ago he ended the relationship. my heart is broken but your words helps me alot. you said that sometimes we have to let go people even if we love them with all of our hearts.. i am sure you will be ok. because i know i will be too. lots of love ❤️❤️❤️ @jaclynhill

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