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Superb 😘😘?
The ranveer singh jii
Baba 💯
Thats not good man. you didnt tell me that you are coming to laussane 😎
Beautiful photo!!
Ranbir is trying to hijack your career. he's copying your style and everythinh you do. please be careful
Ranbir planning to hijack your career. he's copying you
Ranbir is copying every single thing you're doing. it's annoying the f**k out of me. hes trying to hijack your career and everyone in bw is helping him with that
Attitude boy u looking cool 😂😂
Come to pakistan
Last den herrn in gedanken schweifen
Statt da sie klug die rationen kurzten
S u p e r ! 👍👏👋😊❤🔥❤ @ranveersingh
Und als er ging die krone sich zu holen
Ma gentleman🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Let me know when you're around next time 🖐✌🇨🇭
Perfect pic of the day
Best look 👀