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when gabby frost (@gabbyfrost ) was 14 years old, her best friend told her she was self-harming and having suicidal thoughts. “i started researching mental health online, and i noticed there were a lot of people going through the same thing,” says gabby. “i had an idea: i’ll pair people up, like a buddy system, and give them a supportive friend.” in the first 24 hours, 3,000 people signed up. and the buddy project (@buddyproject ) was born.
today, gabby — now 20 years old and a student in philadelphia — continues to pair strangers through the buddy project, a nonprofit organization. “i run the social media and the website, respond to emails, do all the design and pair the buddies myself,” says gabby. though her workload can be tiring, it’s worth it — for thousands of others, and herself. “the buddy project helped me become more confident about myself,” she says. “it makes me want to tell young people, especially young women, that they can accomplish anything.”
may is #mentalhealthawareness month. watch our story to learn more about gabby and the buddy project. ❤️
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