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Dear mom, thank you for teaching us how to laugh at ourselves! thank you for being such a positive, strong, hard working & independent woman. you have been the greatest role model anyone could ever ask for! i am so blessed to have you as a mom!! @robin0858 ❤️
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Family goals!!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖
Omg this is a great post!💕 i cannot wait to see more!☺️🤗
🔥🔥دنبال وسایل ارایشی باکیفیت عالی وقیمت مناسبی🤔🤔ازپیج من دیدن کن🤗🤗
On your life update video where did u get your rings from if you don't mind me asking??
Hi love. idk if you’ll ever see this but i just love you so much and i hope you know you’re loved & no matter what you have the biggest support system behind you! i live in ca, and am visiting my family in fl (near you) later this week and wish i could give you the biggest hug while i’m there. much love boo💕
Super random! what's that candle you recommend from tyler candle company?
@jkualin2.0 sureeee 😂
@jkualin2.0 another stereotypical racist 👍🏻
@fallontaylor2 only the best😘😘
Family always important and you have the best 😍
She looks more like your sister than mom
What’s happening with that hand??
Is that the myspace founder?
She's so stunning. know where you got your gorgeous looks
Wtf is up with your finger😂
@rachelbarkules love your shoes . where is from
Wtf is wrong with your hand
Your brothers hot!!
great pic!
@jaclynhill maybe we can see you in blonde again sometime
S for supportive family