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Friends, brothers , affair , colleagues...everyone had their own version on this.. well i don’t think i wish to explain that anymore .
i am not here to either justify whose fault was it . why did it become so big ..what is important is that after so much time.. we have decided to let go of the negativity , pain that both of us and our families went through . hence we realised it's pointless carrying this baggage of negativity around ..
i am choosing to be free from hatred . i am choosing happiness and positivity . people who love me and care about me will understand and support my choice πŸ™. thankyou !!! 😊
#spreadpositivity #spreadhappiness πŸ˜‡
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@krishaanandini wow, bigg boss changed him, or just they're paying him to act
I dont like vikasss
We r proud of u parth
Is he gay? no hate just want to know?
Luv u parth... so proud of u...it needs lot of courage and guts to forgive a person who tried broke u into millions of pieces... stay strong as always...we r wid u always in ur every step and decision😊
So proud of you. keep smiling always. love you so much @the_parthsamthaan
Waiting eagerly for your upcoming film @the_parthsamthaan all the best
You are just a perfect soul and many ppl don't deserve u but it's okay if you are too sweet 😊😊
Iyyy çikti yine karŞima muŞmula suratli bok
A beautiful person with beautiful heartβ€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡ @the_parthsamthaan
Parth.....it seems n i belive....u r nice person at heart.....i wish you success,happiness...
So proud of u parth!love u sooo much!
@bhaskarjyoti31 they are friends parth is love❀
Proud of u😍😘
Jalny waly krty hai fazol baty parth ..ignore karo... ur fans alwaya trust u..keep it up
@ayushi.khandelwal_ you can google it...u will get to know the whole story...
My brave love 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Love parth expression very much πŸ™ˆ
Parth u doesn't need to justify yourself. its your life u have full freedom. people are only their to spread rumors. just listen to your heart and don't care about what people says. if u listen to your heart u will always be happy😊. and with your smile u can make thousand people smile too😊😊. your fans are always their to support u no matter what happens. be happy always sirπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚
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@polarrx_filters fake id.gt lost.he s nt hungry fr ur attention
@mihirdhonslay what is this post about?
@the_parthsamthaan do hell with people coz ur real fans won't get affected of it.. u r such a hottie.
@the_parthsamthaan your life your rule ... ignore others man..
Ya we r with u dear
This shows you have a nice heart
Be as ur πŸ˜ƒdon't change for others 😘it's u r life my hero

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