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Alberta sunsets.
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Que foto 🤩👏🏼
Awesome view..
That sky man!!! 😍😍
@johnabraham16 it was a solid camping spot
@tylerflorencephotography it was just as good in person!
Great shot
Beautiful atmosphere 👍👏
Alberta skies! 🙌🏻👌🏻 some of the best out there 😍
@truenorthstrongmama couldn't agree more!
Love those sunset skies
Love a good sunset dude!👊🏼
Can you feel...the power of moon through the waves of water when the sun is setting down gracefully ?? ..something like that ???. ...lol... it is a beautiful shot. i thought i should leave some appreciation in writing for your inspiration.
Butiful picture
Gorgeous shot! love the colours!
@lostcoordinate lots of these skies in berta!
@shinwhay haha thank you!
@theglobediary thanks so much! it was a great spot!
Your welcome
Amazing shot!
Truly beautiful this photo 👍👍👍
Great composition
Nice shot 👏
That’s beautiful
Amazing picture 💯😍👍
Nice feed man! 👌
Wow, i love this colour. great shot!
This is awesome!
This is lovely 💕

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