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@jaclynhill you’re on my heart heavy all night. it’s 4:15am and i have been watching all your youtube videos from the very first one to the most recent for the past 7 hours straight. i have laughed with you and i have also cried with you. i know you get tons of comments and sweet words, and i know this one is amongst the rest.. but i hope you know god is doing big things for you. as for your career you have that to work on. but he is working on your heart mind and soul. you are an advocate for your followers, for all of us. we love you so much. as a person. as a human being. not just a makeup guru. we care. you know that. 💕 bless.
Beautiful family
@jaclynhill this is such a stunning photo, may i ask what you are wearing on your lips. such a radiant smile.
@myriam_abdesslem eh narrek!! wledha!!!!
@myriam_abdesslem aman tkolich wledha bellehi netchall
@houdathabet leeee wled akhwetha ya benty hahahahahaha
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U have beautiful niece's and nephew 💖
@amberbooth_ this is so cute this is why i love her
Secretly wants to be a kid next to you 😍
Oh wow, i can see the resemblence in your niece on the right (next to you) and you.
I love you family
I like you most with little to no makeup 🤗
@mbecker2448 you literally remind me so much of hee
@alyssastueber bishhhh i wish 😩
با سلام از مسىولين و مسلمان خواهشمندم پرونده ٩٠٠٣٦٦ دادياري ٨ دادسراي شهيد تولايي اصفهان و پرونده ٨٧٠٠١٢ دادگاه ح شعبه ٦ اصفهان را بررسي و پیگیری كنيد تا قدرت بي قانوني در دادگستري اصفهان را ببينيد و فكري به حال ما مردم ستم كشيده بكنيد با اعمال نفوذ و با صدور احكام مغاير با هم و احكام خلاف بين شرع و عرف و خلاف قانون اموالم را بالا كشيدند از کلیه مسلمانان و مسىولين درخواست رسيدگي و پیگیری دارم
با سلام تکلیف احکام خلاف شرع و عرف و قانون که دادگاهها صادر گردیده چیست چرا دستور اعاده دادرسی صادر نمی شود پس مسلمانی از آن حرف میزنیم کجاست و چرا مسئولین و مراجع تقلید سکوت اختیار کرده اند ایا سکوت خیانت به اسلام و ملت مسلمان نیست
Taliya seriously looks identical to you! lucky girl! ❤️ @jaclynhill
Blue eyed babies❤️
Love your makeup here too! precious family
I want to see their handbags as well #handbagcollectionvideo ok i'm gonna stop now. handbag collection video!
Wow all the same eyes! 😍
Sophia is sooo sweet she’s so nice and funny
This is such a cute picture! check out our ghc movement to help encourage young girls to be confident and go after their dreams.
خیلی لایک داشت .لطفا پیج منم دیدن کنید