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Not sure if he🐧 was checking out my goosebumps ❄️ or my @xcelwetsuits #whalesharkbikini like the #whaleshark, the #africanpenguin is sadly now an endangered species. over the last few weeks i’ve been #working #filming with @theapexexpedition exploring the southern coast of africa search for #greatwhitesharks and discussing potential reasons for their very apparent decline. in the entire time actively searching well known hot spots and exploring new ones we saw only two #greatwhiteshark the nets in the region and internationally, long line fishing, decline in the fish stocks, and even orca have all been suspect. with the sea lion populations booming it seems there is an apparent in-balance. we were also lucky enough to encountered pods of dolphin, right whales, cormorants, and even learned about elephants🐘❤️. south africa is beautiful but their shark populations are reportedly the lowest ever from local operations. there are local companies like #marinedynamics doing what they can in #research and #conservation & people dedicated to building shelters to help the penguins out but the nets do k**l sharks & other marine life every year. last week another
humpback whale was entangled in australia but the government will not remove all the nets despite the uproar over another whale being caught. i cannot begin to wrap my head around why governments keep nets in place when they decimate “marine resources.” their argument is that they protect human life by killing sharks but sharks are rarely a cause of death (less than 10 fatalities worldwide) wouldn’t it be wiser to use funding to stopping drownings and d***k drivers who k**l far more people? ultimately nets are not even effective and there are better alternatives like modifying your behavior to consider light, your depth profile, proximity’s to shore and other animals and human fishing & dumping activity , your movements, and even things like painting giant eyes on the underside of your surfboard can help deter an adverse interactions. electronic deterrents are showing promise too. photos by @juansharks @emma_casagrande and whale net photos by unknown.
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You have nice friends 😉👍
What do we do to the whales ?! 😰😡
You are my inspiration, keep it up 🦈
😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 s****d people!!! 💔
@aquilastadtherr i was wondering if you were going to say something 😂. been wondering how unlucky juan and ocean have to be to not see sharks in plett area! we saw loads of juvies when we were there and a couple of big ones on heli trip on wild side. @carlosanofski did send me pics of orcas close in though further up the coast. maybe they have been nibbling after all.
You’re the best. @juansharks is a lucky man 🤩💪🦈
So did someone help that whale out of the net??? @oceanramsey
You’re amazing! what do you use to keep your hair from not drying out from being in the water so much???
How beautiful is boulders beach....i love it there
Love the contents of the post!! in august i’ll have an article publish on sa oceanic black tips, making exactly the same arguments on nets and drumlines!! keep up the fight, the need us, although we need them more!!!
Thank you for the acknowledgement. looking forward to building relationships with like minded conservationists. #sciencesavessharks #everybirdcounts #discoverprotecteducate
@damotavis hahah ja im going to roberg to get some footage of them next week😁 almost wanna get a drone or somthing to hover over me while i surf to warn me😂
Amazing 😉
The netting issue is so heartbreaking. it seems to defy logic and common sense. who thinks of these things and gets people on board? i hope they stop soon!
Fresh awesome looks like you had some company
When where you in south africa had no idea ramsey?
You and the penguin are looking adorable together! both rare to find 💕 beautiful post, well said in it all 💙😘
You and the penguin are looking adorable together! both rare to find 💕 beautiful post, well said in it all 💙😘
Awesome way to mislead people👍 random whale entanglement pictures from 2015
Well aren’t you a beautiful 🧜‍♀️
She's becoming commercialized. amazing page nonetheless
@oceanramsey are these matching bottoms available to buy? i didn't see any on the website
I want these bottoms soooooo bad
Hangin with buddies! nice!
Perfect feet is what u have💕