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Illustrations of @kingjames and @stephencurry30 by @michaelwalchalk
at just 6 feet tall, graphic designer michael walchalk (@michaelwalchalk ) knew that he wouldn’t be able to play in the nba. so, he went for the next best thing: creating illustrations of its superstars. “back when i discovered that people were posting artwork, i thought, ‘how can i put my own twist on this?’” says michael, a phoenix suns fan who lives in phoenix, arizona, his hometown.
using a mix of hand drawing and computer graphics, michael creates his portraits of players like lebron james and stephen curry, who are facing off (yet again) in this year’s #nbafinals. “i like to use bold outlines and colorful background to make the portraits pop,” says michael, who credits much of his professional success to what he’s shared on instagram. “i just draw what i like, and i’m lucky that a lot of people like the same stuff.” 🏀
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