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I tested a recipe for my ebook today that i had intended on having for dinner, but tbh it was a total failure so i’m dreaming about this bowl instead!! it’s the third time i’ve tested it and it doesn’t seem to be cooperating, and i tend to get really frustrated when this happens and i’m just overall really overwhelmed today in general, so it pushed me over the edge but fourth times the charm right?! anyway, this bowl had roasted sweet potato, chickpeas smothered in hot sauce & garlic, steamed veggies, blueberries (random but good!), @lotusfoods forbidden rice, tomatoes, and avo 🌱😋
it’s hard to keep up a positive attitude while i’m slightly freaking out about moving to a new country etc. but good things take time so i have faith it will all work out eventually 🤞🏻
have a good night friends!
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@piperebecca hahah it’s good i promise 👌🏻
@wearelovelyjubley so true!! thank you ❤️
Waooo!! eso se ve genial, disfrútalo!! 😍😱🍃 si quieres más comidas fáciles y rápidas puedes ver mi perfil, todos los días iré poniendo alguna receta saludable, y post relacionados con la alimentación y salud por si quieres seguirlos, abrazos ! 🤗💕🍃
That is a great plate of food
When a recipe does not work, it's the worst! waste of time,money, food, and calories! at least in my cases.
@lud.azcue uuuf babitaaaaa. quiero!
This bowl looks amazing!
@eatwithclarity i'll have to give it a whirl soon!
@denasfoodobsession_ i agree but it’s also a good learning experience!
Holy moly 😱 need this!!!
Where i can find your recipes 🙌🏻
We need to be eating like this daily @le_queen1
@lotus_eaterrr im down .. i barely eat anyway so vasevaaa
Uh <3 this looks so colourful and delicious. i hope you have a great week =)
Wooow delicious
Checkout this page! awesome food @larahg01 👌🏼
Omgg this bowl thoughhhh 😍😍
Where is the recipe for this? (or ingredient list)
@nitelite56 so the sweet potatoes i just chop into cubes bake them at 425 for about 30-35 minutes, and then you can really add any veggies or beans you want! i added some hot sauce to the chickpeas, and then mashed up the avocado with some salsa to use as dressing!
This looks amazing! 😋
Do you eat this in one sitting? honestly? just curious because it looks big and delicious but am not sure if it’s just for the gram
@christolopez pode ser bonito aos olhos mas é muita coisa só cozida é colocada ali... onde tá o molho? o de tá o sabor??? rsrsrsr
🥑🥑🌈🌈😍so yummy
😍😍😍😍😍😍 soooo good!
Wow 😮i love this plate 😍😍🤤