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Hot brown top millets drizzled on top with grainy desi ghee which has curry leaves and turmeric for that authentic taste of ghee with tomata rasam konkani style cooked with coconut milk . today it is a no dhal day for a change. cooked beans palya & fried some akki pheni . this tomato saaru is totally unique one and taught to me by my very dear friend sandhya raikar who is herself a very passionate cook. she truly happens to be my inspiration along with my mother . patience is the key to good cooking :) along with love for doing it ! put your heart and soul and bingo your food will for sure taste just divine :) thank you sandhya for this wonderful recipe :) lots of love and best wishes ! oh yes and my little desi tadka for my kitchen ...howzaaaat ? for the rasam you'll can refer to my previous tomato saaru recipe scrolling down. bonapetit...
in gratitude to the almighty for today ! god bless this food !
millets , march towards good health !
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@saraswathysridhara come over..it is ready ...i'm serious ...you can enjoy it all ...baa... go back tomorrow
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