M A T T E R #ChangeBeyondTextiles ™ We reinterpret textile heritage into prints that tell stories of where and why they are made. http://bit.ly/MatterIG
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Blockprinting was invented for storytelling, created as a medium to record history and legacy. at the very heart of it, this heritage technique holds still a moment in time. working together with the block carvers, we created modernized versions that still contained the essential stories and spirit.
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❀️(instagram is preventing me from giving this photo a heart, so i do it this way)
This is great!love the story behind
Beautiful print. one of my favourites !
Beautiful printπŸ‘Œ
Love this! πŸ’•
Beautiful ❀️
Falling in love with matter print pants because of your work and vision has led me to grow an enormous appreciation for arts like block printing. this is one of my favorite prints and i can’t wait to one day get to block print a fabric of my own and be a part of creating the very pieces i’ll be wearing. you guys are such an inspiration for me 😊
@consciouskaren karen - thank you for the love and support ❀️ it means so much to us that you find kinship in the things we stand for. if you ever make your way to jaipur, let us know and we would love to connect you with our blockprint artisan partners to share more about blockprinting with ya 😊
@matterprints oh my goodness that would literally be a dream come true. you’re so welcome for all the love, i’m so glad to have connected with you guys 😊
@matterprints okay so due to some very recent life changes i may actually be in india in august and would love to head over to jaipur. i mentioned some ideas to farisia and would absolutely love to see what you guys do in jaipur! i’d love to hear your thoughts. 😍
I really love this technique!!!!