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Photo illustration by @vesperucca
when juliana horner (@vesperucca ) is asked about her style of makeup, even she can’t describe it. “i have a natural tendency to break away then come back to abstract work,” says the 26-year-old artist, who works not only with makeup, but also illustration and fashion — and she has aspirations in the field of virtual reality design. “my drawing and my makeup converged at a certain point. they slowly merged into one stream of this really weird makeup style that i don’t have a name for.”
throughout all of her art, juliana is inspired by common themes. “i have a pretty feminine perspective that shows up in my work, and i really love color. i’m addicted to saturation. my eye is always going to gravitate toward the saturated part of a scene, and i like to think how i can bend or contort that saturation in a more pleasing way.”
watch juliana create an illustration and a makeup look today on our story and on our igtv channel. to watch igtv, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.
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Joue monsieur madame mademoiselle smith mise engagées
حتي مالك على حالتك
Un projet artistique sculpture joue monsieur madame smith
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Je t'aime bébé d'amour ton chéri
Je t'aime d'amour bébé ton chéri
I had a makeup thing, like, all day. i went with it