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A quote—a good daily reminder—from our new york times bestselling book, “getting back to happy: change your thoughts, change your reality, and turn your trials into triumphs”. available at barnes & noble, amazon, etc. 😊
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Beautiful reminder for a soulful sunday 🙏
Thanks for this wonderful reminder 😇 godbless
Thank you!!! i needed this. ❤️
I need to post this on my mirror and read every morning!! thank you so much! congrats on success of your book - y’all are the best!!
Thanks for the reminder 👍
Love you guys. nearly half way through your excellent book 😁
I needed to read this now. thank you marc and angel!!!
I must get this book. i love everything you post!!
This is so true...thanks for reminding me!!
@_simonddavies thank you for the positive feedback. ❤️ please do us a favor and copy your comment and paste it as a review on amazon. i know it’s a pain but it helps us out a bunch. 😊👍
@bewellbyjen picking up my book today!
@sharnecarmen aren’t @marcandangel just the best!! always the perfect message!! ❤️
Can vouch for this !
Why haven't you guys talked about mental illnesses in your website?let the next week be about so,alot of people need to listen,and see the both of you as inspirations, shuddering them
@2001bhh if you search our website you will find articles on depression, anxiety, etc.
@pixorandomness 🙏🙏❤️❤️
Looks great! 👌
I know this is an older post.... but a story. yesterday i shared your book and blog with an acquaintance and today they reached out to let me know they had started reading yesterday afternoon. this morning a family member passed and another is sick- and they felt the need to share with me that “although there were a lot of tears, this book is already helping me make better decisions, feel better..” she continues ..” strange how things work out, the very day i needed help, you proved it to me”. i chose this post because talking to her had been a moment for me to stop and be there- be present with her. in my hectic day- i stoped and was being real with her. i don’t see her all the time.. we were meant for that moment. and your book is helping me and her. thank you.
@acook1985 wow! thank you so much for sharing this. ❤️ and please, do us a big favor and copy your comment here and paste it as a review on amazon. i know it’s a pain, but this kind of moment is one worth sharing with other potential readers. it would help us out tremendously, too. 😊🙏