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Guys i’m not doing so great today... struggling real hard with snack attacks. i mixed up some @keto.connect cookie dough f*t bombs and ate more than i should have as they are chilling. pictured is the last bite of a blueberry @nush_foods cake. i had my macros planned down to the gram this morning, and i blew it. carbs are still low but my calories and f*t are probably out to orbit. going to enter all my little snacks into my app, i’ll still post tonight because i need to learn how to be #accountable with my eating habits. i am an #overeater and have followed the steps of #overeatersanonymous for a long time but not much helps when i get this insatiable urge to consume food. i feel guilty before for feeling like i need to eat, during as i stuff my face, and after as i look at my body and know that i am the way i am because of myself. i’m going to just be glad in the fact that i’m keeping my carb intake down so as to remain in #ketosis and just start over right now back on my plan. i can take out those #fatbombs i planned after dinner so that will help i think. keeping my head up and my eyes toward the prize. #keto #ketodiet #stickwithit #nevergiveup
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I can relate to your post. what i find helpful when i'm feeling like that is to actually think about my emotions and try to figure out why i want to eat. what emotion am i feeding and how can i better address it without food. carbs and sugar are an addiction and like any addiction they stem from some sort of trauma. if you need someone to chat with feel free to message me.
It's been a rough couple of weeks. i expect to have the not so easy times. for me it's better if i cheat a little because if i don't then i binge.
It’s so hard. i’m getting ready to cut f*t bombs out of the house cause they are so easy to overeat.