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@beeple_crap here again with more 3d goodness! one of the things i love about working with #adobedimension is that you can incorporate elements from other media. for instance, you can bring in vector work, paintings, photography etc., and use these as textures or decals to make new and interesting creations. create your own piece of work using dimension and share using the hashtag #adobedimension, so i can check out your work!
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@milligram.c4d legit thought this was your stuff for a minute ❤️
Awsome work...
Too dope!!
Awesome pic
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@boogersthekat omg ur the sweetest ever !! :,)
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الي يريد تصميم شعار او شخصية كرتونية او تعديل على الصور او اي شيئ تريده على فوتوشوب كلمني على الخاص .
Any photographers looking to support one another?❤️❤️
آموزش نقشه خوانی در پیج آکادمی تخصصی فاز دو
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