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New season, new boots. 💥⚽ time to get the @premierleague 2018/19 started! #heretocreate #predator #m1ö
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Hi, i loved soccer since childhood and i always wanted to be a good footballer. i have the talent and strength of a big footballer and i have played all my time, but unfortunately i am an afghan refugee and in a village in iran. i lost school because i played football very much. please introduce me to the club or introduce to the media. here is not my voice. because i am a refugee
Bem gracinha você hein
Ila macht dich ozil
@dylan_rocha those eyes look familiar
Ozil isalamya?
At the hive😂
Love u my idol
مسعود اوزيل
Macho yako tu mim
@shim_u_z such a man!!!❤️ (여기서 한국어는 너무튄다 온니야..)
🍏🍓🍉🍌🍌🍌 comment back pls, let`s be a friends
Aduh hi somi
@m_jl8 حبيبي مسعود
Sen türkçe biliyormusun
Hei kah peu agama
Tiro no meu peito😂😂 @ironvick
@_milenymartins respira, amiga skdkakd
@a.alyaoo bygkan tu arif sdg usha el wuhu wuhu 😘
Arsenal should do me a favour of making your statue at emirates stadium. that will be the best feeling i would have in my life. mö you are my best footballer and when i mean my best then i mean best!! i don't know any other in the world except you my football king 👑