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Happy 🍟day! being a mom + an entrepreneur means every day is equally friday + monday and i love this. it all comes down to our mindset and making the little things the big things. every day, we can celebrate, we can have fun, we can do something for comfort, for tradition, or both. these are daily things that will tell you you’re living, if your jam is a “save it all for the weekend” kinda life, time to stop existing

if you’re in business, or you’re a blogger, or some sort of badass hobbyist and you have a social media presence - i want you to take stock of you and where your heads at. what is your message? what does your presence say? and are the two in line? i’m taking new clients this fall to work one on one helping you to create and maintain an authentic presence. email me directly at info@studioninety9 .ca or send me a dm to chat ~jess💕
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