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Upside down, right side up #whpcircles
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Ooooow amazing! really such creative shot melissa. love it.
Super cool, she looks like one of those troll dolls
She’s a beautiful troll! love ❤️
Great upside down!
Awesome shot!
Brilliant, most interesting photo i’ve seen in a while. especially nice with the black and white touch
Love this mel!🤩
Always so creative! love it!
Ah so great!
So great, melissa!!
@mlnordan tons of these around (upsidedown posts) almost never work this well!! 👍
Very creative! love your bio alot too
Love your view unique view using everyday items. very creative!
Amazing pic! 💙 love your feed! 💯
Amazing 👏👏
Wow! you have an amazing feed ❤️ regards,
team arting out loud.
I love it 😊

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