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Chasing 50: my journal to building strength inside & outside.
leg pressed 360 lbs today 😮🙌🏻, my legs were quakin & shakin; the most i’ve ever pressed. i couldn’t stop smiling for a couple hours; best feeling ever.
what i’ve noticed about my strength journey is how much it has improved my spinal alignment, muscle symmetry, balance, & coordination. if you are a woman approaching midlife & beyond, you need to lift weights & strengthen your core. get a good trainer & make the investment in you. you are so worth it! @fit2pla619_ifbbpro
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Great leg day 👍🏽💥
Daaaaaaaaamn!!!!! 360?!?!? you are insanely strong! nice work! 🤩🤩
Awesome job!!
Hell yea 👏