Mateo Beagle Mateo.🐶 16/03/2012 Mexican and grumpy.😤 Se habla español. Always hungry / siempre hambriento #GrumpyBeaglesUnited San Luis Potosí, México 🇲🇽
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I've been the worst these days... missing a lot of pawties! but, c'mon, you know i am the puppychelada🍺🍻 master!! so here is some of my famous drinks saved for my birthday friends:
@majesticmilosaur happy 9th birthday, i hope you had an awesome day!!🍺🍺 #milos9thdinomitebdaypawty 🐲
@candys_humom happy first year!! you are now almost an adult🍺🍺🍺 #sunnyhoneys1stbirthday
@chevy_vg happy gotcha day!! have the best of celebration!!🍺🍺🍺
@spooky_snoopy_and_angel_meggy snoopy, i know you've been feeling a little under the water, but my puppychelada🍺🍺 formula is for you to feel better too!!
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Hope you’re okay bro...nobody can mix a puppychelada 🍻 like you pal! see you at the pawties! 🎉
Se acerca el fin de semana y nos caería súper una de tus mezclas amigo!!🍺😋
Oh yes .... i missed you in my list of famous gbu barktenders —- cheers, mateo! happy friyay, too!
Thank you, mateo! honey 🍯 may be 1️⃣ years old, but she still is active like a puppy , and kisses everybody & every dog
See you at the pawties, mateo 🎉🎉🎉 hope you’re fine ❤️
Hahahaha nothing better than your mixture 🤪🍻 thanks buddy ❤️❤️❤️
La fiesta no es lo mismo sin ti maty!😄🎉🎊🍻🍺
Hope you’re doing well 😘
@liprij yes!! thanks for asking!
Brindemos y vamos de fiesta!
We always forgive the barktender!
Puppycheladas make everything better ❤️❤️❤️!!! we lubs them almost as much as we lubs our bestie who makes them 😘😘❤️‼️
I feel like our hoomans are neglecting us
@curious_mr_copper and we are always there for them. eating socks, pooping on the floor and chewing shoes. what else do they want?
Arooo mateo i'm too young but i can have a puppacino 😊
See you at the bar, bro! no one makes a puppychelada like you!! 🍻🍻🍻
Guapo 😍😍