Mateo Beagle Mateo.🐶 16/03/2012 Mexican and grumpy.😤 Se habla español. Always hungry / siempre hambriento #GrumpyBeaglesUnited San Luis Potosí, México 🇲🇽
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Maybe not your best angle but you still look d**n cute 😘
You look perfect 👍🏻
Me pareces borracho 😂😂😂 ...pero aún hermoso 😉
You’re picture pawfect, mateo! ❤️
Ha ha that face 🙈🙈
No way buddy! you look pawfect from that angle!
You look fabulous mateo😍
Nop you’re so handsome 🐶❤️
Never!!!! you look pawfect!!! - murphy
Grumpy, yes. fat, no!
Not at all, you look pawfectly beagle shaped 😁
No tenemos ángulo malo 😏
Not at all, buddy!!
No, you look intense, ready to show some attitude!!!