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❌🐕 one of the flyest teams you will ever see leveling up their training with the xdog weight & fitness vest!

do you compete in dog sports and are looking to increase your dog’s:

*performance levels📈
*endurance & recovery time🔄⏱
*speed & explosiveness🏃‍♂️💥
*cardiovascular & overall health❤️

if you said “yes” to any of these questions then look no further as the xdog weight & fitness vest has proven to deliver all 4🙀!

when it comes to the first 3 the xdog vest has not only proven it, but it has proven it in live sanctioned organized sporting events!

hundreds of dogs have already set new personal performance records in:
*speed(ran faster times)
*distance(jumped further or higher)
*strength(pulled more weight)

owners are also raving about how they have seen a dramatic difference in endurance and recovery as well!

🗣 s/o @rayethecrazydoglady for being apart of team xdog / mvp k9 @mvpk9supplements as it is an honor to have you and your amazing pack on board🙏.

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Truth is spot on! we have increased our distance by 2 feet, endurance through the roof, 2.5 sec off our speed! thank you!
Can't wait to order one!
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