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📍joe's brewery; champaign
🍔california burger
my favorite burgers😋 anyone who knew me in college knows i'll be found eating here on tuesdays, thursdays, saturdays for their half off burger deals. joe's made some changes to the outside patio space as i graduated. i was a little scared that they would change up the food menu, after a few years, but the burgers and fries are the same!!
my order - california burger with no onions and side of fries. besides the essential burger patty and lettuce. the burger is stacked with the best burger toppings - fried egg, guacamole, bacon, provolone. this burger takes like little bits of heaven, making me wish all burgers comes with a fried egg. the buns are so soft, but keeps its shape. the fries are golden sticks of crunchy goodness.
glad to see that your food hasn't changed, joe's.
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