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I don't know about you but lately my days have been filled with anxiousness, stress, and what seems like a never ending restlessness. i constantly have to remind myself to slow down, stop what i'm doing, be still for a moment, and say, "through it all, it is well with my soul." the mountain in front of me will be thrown into the sea, the seas that are shaken will be calmed. take time out of your day to be still, relax, reflect, and breathe -- all the worries and stresses of life can wait. #relax #breathe #bestill #itiswellwithmysoul #mentalhealthmatters #emotionalhealthmatters #itiswellbykristenedimarco #kickstresstothecurb #haveawonderfulday
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Yes! slowing down is hard but we must. ♥️
Thank you for inspiring me to keep raising awareness. my jewelry line is also for support 🤗