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Rough day yesterday😶 wish i didn’t have to start this internship today, would rather have this girl cheer me up all day ☹️ f*cking crap. today will be a long day 😣
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You have to cuddel with your mummy soooo much when she comes home 💕
Best of luck with your internship sweetheart! i always feel the same on a monday morning especially. nyah will be there when you get home! 😘💕💕💕❤️
Good morning... awww best of luck ❤😘😘
Hope today goes well. just hang in there til you get home and think of the greeting you will get from this gorgeous girl 😍❤️❤️❤️
Good luck today. she will be waiting for you when you get home 💕🐾
Good luck today 💗nyah will be waiting for you to get home ❤️
Oh noooooo 🙈 hope this monday will not last so long for you 😘
Oh no ☹️ i hope you will get through it, wishing you the best of luck 🧡
Nothing is like comeing home to a dog. they are so happy to see you💓💓💓
What do you study actually? ☺️
All days are very long without our sweeties. but it’s so nice to come back home and be welcomed by them ♥️♥️♥️

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