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@fallwinterparty ghosties are my favorite halloween symbol 👻
Those stickers are so cute!
Love the stickers! so so cute ♥️
@frankenstein69 thank you 😙 i pick them carefully+
@hollyjollyjackolantern thanks! it's the best part of card decorating, in my opinion
How cute are those. :) what a gun idead :)😍
@irla_ch i'll take my halloween bow!
Please check your dm 😊🙏👌 @spookyhoagie
Whoever receives those cards are surely going to be very happy! 😊
Can't wait for my spooky mail!!!!
Cute little mailers!
🎃🐱 i got my cards on the mail today too!
😍😍🎃🎃🎃 wanna swap cards?
@littledreamms it's sooo fun to get halloween mail!
So so cute!!!
@christmas_crossley thank you! i really apprecite you saying so 🎃
Soooo cute! love it 🎃🦇
👀👀 🎃
@apocalypstick23 thanks! they're so fun to write 😄🎃
How awesome! 🖤📮🎃
I want one 😢 but it won’t let me add it to the cart
Axww these are super cute!
@halloweenhappenings thank you🖤 they're so fun to create
@suzmastaflex this is how my cards always look! lol
@ashley_marie_mk yep! so cute 🎃
Such cute stickers b**e 🌹
Fixed the problem! sorry to those who the checkout wasn't working for 🎃
@solypauu fixed it! thanks for letting me know!
Omg the stickers and everything what a great thing to come home and open
I pay for it then leave my address@in the note?
@eeksghoul you can do that ❤️ but it should ask for your address in the checkoit.
So cute! ❤️