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Because everyone needs some inspiration and motivation behind the camera, i have connected with a group of talented friends to challenge and push ourselves in the simple things... not only to be inspired but to perhaps be an inspiration to others.
the theme for #ourlooptyloop this week is "light and shadow". up next is the beautiful @sarahcasephoto #gotd_2084 #jj_forum_2484
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Perfect sophie!
This is amazing!
So beautiful πŸ–€
How very beautiful sophie!!
How beautiful
What a beautiful shadow!
Great photo!
How beautiful is this ❀️
This is gorgeous!
I’m dying over this! i keep looking at it! seriously so gorgeous! love your light and shadow play 😍😍😍😍😍
This is so so beautiful 😍. the play of light and shadows always gets me ❀️
Oh wow, this is fantastic!
Wow this is stunning. love the shadows 😍
This is so beautiful 😍
Wow!! this is stunning
This is superb!! that shadow omg!!!
Very cool shadow! awesome!
This is stunning sophie!
Beautiful 😍
❀️featured ❀️ simply stunning!
This is so beautiful! it deserve to be hanging in one of your walls
✨featured ✨
Not sure how i missed this one but wow 😍
@sophiejanephoto would love to feature this with your permission?
So stunning πŸ’—
@kids_in_bnw of course! thank you! ❀️
Love the artistic feel here.
This click it's like poetry πŸ’–πŸ˜’
How beautiful ❀️
@susana.liu.yang i completely agree with you!! it’s amazing
This. is. an unreal photograph.
Holy photographer, take me to your lessons. @daniel.sxh
@kaufmannsfeed sie ist halt so krass. weiß gar nicht wie man solche bilder hinbekommen kann πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³
Gorgeous!!! 😍