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Real life....this week has been a mess. all of our dogs have had some sort of issue. multiple trips to our vet. although dogs are lower maintenance. being a working mom with 2 senior dogs and 2 younger dogs all with issues in different days has worn me out this week. i don’t know where the day goes. and by the end of it i exhausted. i keep reminding myself it’s always about mindset. if i feel exhausted and mentally drained it probably because i am. but wait a minute i’m in control of my feelings. if i want to feel those feelings then i will allow myself to feel them. if i want to feel like i’ve got it all under control and i’m multitasking like a champ. and i feel like a champ then i can feel that way too.
it’s always a choice!
so today i’m on day 4 hair... thank god for the champ dry shampoo and a braid. i got my workout in which is always centers me, showered in my shower cap😂... because who has time to wash and do their hair....and i’m out the door for work.
today i’m choosing to feel like a champ! 🤸‍♀️
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