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My sister in law handed me down the jeans she grew to small for. she’s the most stunning sister!! lucky me!
as i’ve gone slowly and steadily from a 12, to a 10 to a 8 and now a 6. she has supplied me with the next size!
honestly saying i’m in a size 6 feels like crazy talk! i’m stopping here...
i’m happy, content, and loving right where i’m at.
the journey of maintaining your weight and fitness level is just as involved as getting here. but it feels good knowing when you have gotten where you wanted to be!! it’s taken me years. any good change does take time. because it means it’s was deliberate and intentional. never give up...invest in yourself... you are worth it!!! #confortableinyourownskin #selflove #confidentwomen #confidencecrusade
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