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Photo by @out_of_mana
for 26-year-old graduate student and gamer lisa thönnissen (@out_of_mana ), her love of gaming commenced with a christmas present — a game boy, the red pokémon edition to be exact. “i was fascinated by the gameplay and immediately fell in love with it,” says lisa, who attends university in düsseldorf, germany. “in my opinion, gaming isn’t about gender; it’s all about the fun! i’m happy that the (female) gaming community is growing and that there are a lot of girls openly showing their love for it now.”
watch today’s story to learn more about lisa and some of her favorite things.
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Ich bin gerade auf dein profil aufmerksam geworden und finde du hast eine echt tolle ausstrahlung. schreib mir doch mal auf insta-direct, du würdest sehr gut ins team passen. 😌lg
Wow so beuatiful
سلام این پیج من است بیاین همایت کنید دختر ها
Nice photo
Sevgliyamını ha
👏hallo baby
Me encanta tú cabello💘
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❤️beautiful look
I love her hair💜