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hello, world! it’s time for #weeklyfluff. miwa (pictured left) and non (on the right) are two french bulldogs from japan. it seems the dynamic duo has perfected their posing skills — not to mention their strong street style. for a steady stream of sweet (and sometimes silly) bulldog smiles, follow @masa.fb .
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❤️😍какие милашки
Oohhh my god❤❤🙏🙏
Para comérselo a besos
Super psy😂
So cute😍❤️❤️❤️
ربنا يخليهم لبعض💑💑💏💏😂😂
ربنا يخليهم لبعض💑💑💏💏😂😂
So sweet❤️😉👌
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Друзья 🐾✌🏼🐾😀✌🏼
I like that pugs
So cuutee😍❤️