Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde Illustrator based in Munich with a passion for watercolors, autumn, nature, birds and cozy things🌳🍂🍁 twitter: Iraville_de 🌳 YouTube&Tumblr: iraville https://linktr.ee/iraville
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Hooray!! i just re-opened my etsy shop.
there are 3 new limited and numbered fine art giclée-prints in my shop. unlike my normal laser prints they are printed with archival pigment ink (ultrachrome hd ink) on slightly textured 290g genuine watercolor art paper (hahnemühle bamboo fine art paper). once this prints are sold out, they will never be available again. so if you love it, better don't wait too long. those are numbered, signed and dated on front and back.
you can find the link to my etsy shop in my bio.
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@contessadeste ahhh thats great! thank you! 💕 which one is it?
Arrghh je bent zo goed dat ik soms wil huilen
I ordered myself three and couldn’t be happier. what a talent you have ❤️
19:01 and my original was gone whilst ordering 😕 hope you will make something like it again ❤️
So pretty!
@kokorosworld oh i am so sorry! which one was it?
So cool ♡
Those shapes are awesome
Hi dear, may i ask when would we receive your wonderful book? i've been waiting for a long long time :d
@kelly_zxj they told me they start shipping next week! 😃 so sorry you had to wait so long but everything was a lot of work and so much to do and on kickstarter was always said that the book will be released in november ☺ but now we don't have to wait too long anymore 😅
@islarharper aww, so happy too. which three did you order? ☺
So beautiful!👏💕
Bravo 🤗
@iraville it’s your foggy landscape with all the incredibly beautiful colours... my favourite colours 😊 i love the way you have layered them to create the final composition!
Omg this is so so pretty...
Hi ira. i just bought the birch trees print from the workshop. it will be a nice souvenir. have a great weekend
@iraville birch island, original plant and camping girl 😊
@iraville oh thank you veryyyy much! i'll be really excited to receive your book! :d
¡precioso! 😍😍😍
@kelly_zxj i am excited to you receiving my book!! 😅
@elo.d.art oops sorry, just wanted to thank you 😘 and btw you are not the only one from the workshop buying this print 😊
Hi ira, just bought “girl with braids” and “bookstore” i am sooo happy! love it, so looking forward to having those in my room!!👏👏👏
Отличный аккаунт и замечательные фото😉
Wonderful! do you have plans to sell prints of your manatees someday?
Do you make your own prints? if not where do you get them done or where did you get them done before you started printing on your own?
@brindleandbourbon i already did prints of my manatees but they are alrwady sold and they where limited edition prints...
Looks really nice!🧡
You’ve made my day with this post! greetings ❤️
I advice you to read about islam to know the true religion and the true god who give you this amazing talent so we should worship him alone
Looks so nice!! 💕💕💕
So goooood❤️